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March 14th, 2016 FUCK YEAH WE ARE ONLINE AGAIN in "frightening" 32 kpbs (!!!!! :D) for awesome AM radio standard! :D Currently is playling demo playlist - soon there will be shows and everything else that I have planned for this FREE internet radio station 24/7, so stay tuned!

Linux users: copy the same link as below and download "Radio Tray" app from Software center!

iOS users: same link and download app called "Radio Lite" on iTunes

Android users: same link and download app called "Xiialive" from Google Play

Please donate if you can - servers are not free!

Paypal mail for donations: davor.hranjec@gmail.com

Thank you for support - cheers!

Check out other internet radio stations:
Internet Radio - http://www.internet-radio.com

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    1. Hvala ti puno - kao i svim ostalim slušateljima i slušateljicama - javili su nam da smo postali i featured radio stanica na http://www.streamfinder.com/ za ovaj mjesec! :D

  2. Šibajte bannere i linkove, ubacite koji džingl! Zajebavajte se i rolajte... :)